15 Ways to Enjoy Summer (3 min read)

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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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Hello everyone! In the spirit of summer and happiness, I’d like to share some things to do in summer. Right now, some of us maybe vacationing in some historical city and discovering its story. While others, may still be sitting at home wondering what to do. Maybe not. Maybe you’re just in the mood to do something fun and you’re reading this for something interesting. You’ve come to the right place! I’m known for having the funnest, craziest and silliest of ideas. Enough about me though, pick up a pen and paper and start jotting down your favorite stuff from my list.

Summer Fun:

  1. Start a lemonade stand! The weather is hot and perfect for a cool glass of lemonade. It’s easy to make, sell and do too! If you live in a house, you can easily set it up in your backyard, old style. Living in an apartment? Not to worry! A lemonade stand simply doesn’t mean you need a physical stand! Just get creative! Maybe instead of a stand, carry cups and a bottle and sell it to every door. Just look at it differently.
  2. Build your own tree house! As a kid all of us have seen read about and wanted our own tree house right? Well… It’s time to make your childhood dream come true! Just a little help, a tree (obviously) and some planks or wood and that’s it! You’ll have a perfect place! Your child hood dream come true!
  3. Cook. Seriously, If your just tired of life, hungry and looking for something to do cooking is the best! Bake what you like and what you want. If your not going to eat it? Don’t worry! Your neighbors will always be happy to! Use this opportunity to give them gifts and make their day! (Just pack it up nicely) There! That’s another thing on your list!
  4. Go to a new restaurant and order what you’d normally avoid. Try it out. Dare yourself and trust me, you’ll have a visit to remember!
  5. 20170618_191648Go camping. Maybe it’s hard to do and your not a happy camper, then it’s fine! but sometimes, you need to step out of your comfort zone to enjoy life! Look at camping as a way to look at the wilderness and learn the essentials of survival. It’ll be an adventure to experience.
  6. Go swimming! Imagine your soaked in sweat and then, you take a dive into the cool refreshing water. Won’t that feel good? It does. Swimming not only keeps you cool but also helps you exercise and is really good for your respiratory system. It calms your senses and allows you to relax. It’s one of the most common summer activities.
  7. Take a hike. If you have the wilderness right next door, your lucky. Look at the time you have as a way to explore the wild and exercise.
  8. Grab your bike and go. Take a friend or go by yourself. It doesn’t matter. Biking is a wonderful feeling itself. The wind ruffles your hair as you smoothly glide along the roads a cool breeze kicking your face. Sounds good right? Then do it. (If you don’t know how to ride, use this as a way to learn!) Just get on that seat.
  9. Scrapbook. Compile your best memories through photos and get a little creative! I’m not saying you have to scrapbook like Poppy from Trolls but just have fun with it.
  10. img_20160819_131939.jpgGo to a concert. Summer has the best concerts and take it as an opportunity to see your favorite artist perform! Whether it’s Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, take this ooportunity! Not many people can go. Just think about how lucky you are.
  11. Road trip time! Even if it’s just for two days, I suggest you take one. A change from your scenery can refresh your brain and you don’t have to plan or pack as much! As for the place, don’t hassle about it! Any place is fine, even if it’s just a mile away.
  12. Create your own music. Know how to play the guitar? Great! You can start right away by picking out an interesting tune. Not a musician or singer? That’s okay, Here’s your time to learn! Sign up for classes or just use Garage Band to make your music. If you don’t know how to use it, there’s always Youtube tutorials to get you somewhere!
  13. Paint, draw and sketch! This is your opportunity. The days are longer, the sun us brighter and the weather is great, the perfect time to find dome muses and draw outside. Remember time flies, so use it wisely.
  14. Visit a carnival. Summer has the best carnivals and the weather is great for one. It’s just right. Think about laughing non stop, licking that frozen ice cream bar and the riding the Ferris wheel voices buzzing around you. Now you want to got don’t you? Well, summer’s here right?
  15. diego-hernandez-234157Make a time capsule. Think about who you’ve become and where you want to go. Grab a piece of paper and write it down. Fold it up and place it into a plastic or any other kind of box that’s durable. Not a writer? That’s fine. Place your most precious memorable item that you own. Now go outside and dig a hole. Place you capsule in it and cover it up. Or choose a special spot and hide it there. That’s it! You’ve written a message to your future self!

All of these things may not be your thing, but just try to get creative. I get bored very often, so I need to think of new things to keep myself occupied. As for this list, I made it from the top of my head and it may not be much but maybe you can piece together my ideas to make better ones. Remember, spend your time wisely. Life is short and not worth regretting. Have a fun summer!

Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor


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