5 Ways to Start Off Your Day on the Right Foot (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Mookie Galavotti

Founder & Owner of: Mook’s Market

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Books, Business, Education, Entrepreneur and Successful Living Writer

As we all know, everyday is different for the most of us. We all have different things going on in our worlds. But yet even with that being true, it doesn’t mean we can’t all still follow some very basic guidelines towards getting our day started off on the right note now does it? Sure doesn’t! Here are five steps we can all share to start off our day.

1. Getting up with your alarm, immediately. Have you ever hit the snooze too many times or shut off your alarm completely? How did your day start off after that? Exactly, probably not good. Make sure you are getting in the habit of getting up immediately when your alarm goes off and waking yourself up to ensure that your day will start off in the timely manner and giving your brain cells time to send and receive those signals needed for the day.

2. Having a Positive Mindset with Determination. After you wake yourself up you should be thinking positively about how your day is going to go for you and have the determination to continue that throughout. Everyone almost always has the excuse of they are tired or they feel like sleeping in, I get it, but thinking that way as soon as you wake up will only make you prolong the inevitable, you still need to produce today, so why not wake up with that determination to think positive.

3. Eating a decent breakfast or having your caffeine. Getting up on time with determination is a great start, but how long will that last in the morning? I bet having a nice breakfast with something in your belly will make the morning go by fast to the afternoon. Did you say coffee? Yes please! Any type of caffeine will get the blood flowing and feet moving into the direction you are headed towards.

4. Plan what you are going to wear the night before. Wait what? Plan out my clothes the night before? Yes!  This may sound a little silly and irrelevant to some of you, but you can’t tell me that you never had a day where you wore something that had a hole or stain on it that you never noticed? Or didn’t have time to iron the wrinkles out?  This guy surely has.  How about the time it actually takes you to pick an outfit out that not only matches but you approve? And by then you are running late right? Getting that all ready the night before will make you feel at ease, less stressed and on time for whatever kind of day that awaits you, I promise.

5. Write down your daily goals/tasks. I love this one because I still to this day do this before I start my work load for the day. Having that list of visual, mental notes, goals or tasks in front of you is an amazing way for you to have a very productive day, no matter what is thrown your way. Even if some of the things on your list do not make the checked off box, you have a beginning already in place for the next day. Plan out the entire day, both work and life tasks that you need to get accomplished and you my friend are heading for a nice piece of mind kind of day.

Do those five measures of action each morning and let me know how your day went after that, I would love to hear all about your story.

And please don’t forget to put the right foot in front of the left… Enjoy!

Article Credits: Mookie Galavotti

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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