7 Ways to Success (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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Why am I not successful? Everyday, everyone thinks or asks this question. What is success? Its reaching your goal and achieving even more than you dream

Normally, we determine success by small things, that’s why they count. For example we aim to talk to a person we like and if we do it, we’re successful at socializing. Similarly, if we aim to ride a bicycle back home everyday instead of taking the car, we’ll be successful everyday we cycle. Success can be big too. A company making double the amount of profit predicted one year is great. Its easier to see with a longer time span right? Yes, but its harder to be positive and see the actual opportunities and failures. A year may prevent the company from seeing   the sales or customers they’re losing. Keep it short.

Everyday, we look to the future and imagine ourselves being successful. Maybe for a writers, it’s getting their novel published. For a filmmaker, its winning the Oscars. Everyone has this big dream. What about the other things that count too? Why can’t we be successful, just by getting up and doing it? That’s the truth. Most successful people failed but are successful because they dared to try. To try and do the impossible. Dare yourself too.

 Nothing worth having comes easy. Ever heard that? Maybe you’ve experienced it too. Being successful isn’t easy either. It requires hardwork and passion. You need to climb a mountain to get the peak. Same thing with success. If you can’t climb, you’ll never get there.

Look up. Remember those times when you thought you’re going to fail for sure? Everyone knows that feeling. We all do it. In fact we tend to degrade ourselves by 10% but look at other people 2% better thann they are. Think of that. You’re much more than you seem. It’s time to prove it to yourself.

Take the hard way. Its the best way. It may be hard, but its sure to be remembered. Remember that time when you touched the hot pan even though everyone warned you not too? Thats how the hard way works. Its practical.

Allow and enjoy failure. Though we feel better talking to some who’s even worse off than us, it’s not the best way to take failure. Look at it as a way to improve. There’s nothing lower than failure and when you do fail, all you can do is go up! Failure isn’t easy, but neither is it hard. It depends on how you work to improve and whether you want to put in the effort. Without it, we wouldn’t want to work hard! Look at failure as an opportunity, not a sin.

Keep going. Never stop. Just do it. Thank you Nike. Sometimes we need to just go and don’t think. When we overthink things it never works out. Trust me, I know. Life is full of obstacles not for you to run away from, but to jump over! Life’s too short to stop.

That’s all for now! I hope these tips get you somewhere! Think about it. Success never really ends but its always there, even if your just lending a helping hand. Try to be successful everyday. Cause that’s the way to happiness.

Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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