Chess (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Ansh Gupta

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People judge chess too much. I’ve met way too many people who think, Hey, it’s a board game, how fun can it be? 

In reality, chess is very exciting to watch. Learning just the rules of chess makes you know about 1% of the game. There are tactics, traps, openings, pins, attack, defense, and so much other stuff that your head will blow up. No one knows everything about chess, even the greatest grandmasters. There are about 50 openings, each of them having about 5-15 lines. And I haven’t even mentioned the weird lines and openings.

Interesting…But how do I even START learning the game?

I’d recommend It’s a great site, and it includes lessons, videos, and a lot of things that can help you get started. In addition to that, you can play with other people who are also online.(It won’t take a very long time to find a match, there are tens of thousands of online people a  lot of the time.) Though you can register for free, you won’t gain full access to the site. You have to pay for it, but in my opinion it’s a pretty good price.

I hope this post inspires you to learn the rules of this fascinating game. It gets too little attention for such a great sport, and it’s only because it’s a board game. It’s also considered a sport for nerds. But it’s not. So just give it a try! Who knows, you might even find your passion!

Article Credits: Ansh Gupta

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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21 thoughts on “Chess (1 min read)”

  1. I’d almost say that you haven’t given it enough credit. Learning chess also teaches your mind to think strategically about things that have nothing to do with chess. Organize and protect your assets, and utilizing them to solve complex problems, etc. I like that the article was short and sweet though.

    I’d also add to anyone who’s made it to my comment, please don’t learn the rules from a $5 Milton Bradley setup. Learn from or another complete source. If your rules don’t mention “en passant,” then they are not complete.

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      1. Not as often as I’d like. I’m usually down if someone breaks out a board. I was on GameKnot religiously for about 6 months to a year. Grandfather taught me to play before he died, I wasn’t very old at the time. Loved it, then got really into in college for a while. It goes in spurts. Last time I played was against my cousin in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago.

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