Do It… Do It! Don’t Hold Back Now! (3 Min Read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kalin W.

Founder & Owner of: KDS

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author and Writing Writer

There is something I always try to tell myself, especially when I’m about to meet someone new.

Don’t hold back…Just do it.

Just one problem though: How do you do it?

There IS a way for you to do something that requires some willpower. Found someone that you want to become friends with? Do it. Found a job opportunity that may have potential? Do it. Even found someone that could be a future loved one? You guess it. DO IT.

This is something that most, if not all of us, go through at some point in our lives. But that’s just who we are. We’re human and we can’t change that! But what we CAN change is how we are human. It may not be the easiest thing to even know about but I myself have been through a TON of experiences where I needed to just do it.

The crazy thing though is for how complex life is. It’s not as easy as counting 123. It’s much more than that, even for people that have the greatest lives in the world.

Here’s a good example: Saying hi to someone new. There is so much involved that you yourself need to say that hello to that new person you want to talk to. Now comes the part where you’re stumped. You’re now getting all nervous or even shaky about whether you should say hi to that new person. When you approach them, it gets better, in the worst possible way, because you’re now not just thinking about being so nervous but you’re now SHOWING it.

Let’s rewind back to when you were going to approach that person and say hi. But this time, you now have confidence and enough willpower to say hi. You go up to that person, finally say hi, and then after having a conversation with that person, you discovered that she could’ve been the one you’ve been looking for.

I mentioned the word “confidence” because confidence is KEY to basically everything in life itself, even if you were to click that mouse to purchase something online.

It can also relate to just doing it too. But the thing is in order to have willpower, confidence, and even perseverance, you’ll have to do as much as you can to finally do what you wanted in life itself. To obtain those three concepts, skills, or abilities, one must do nothing but PRACTICE.

That’s another reason to do that 100,000-word book that someone always wanted to write. Practice. Practice. Practice. The more practice you can put in, the more you’ll have for what it takes to finally pursue something you’ve wanted to do. Let’s say you wanted to write the screenplay for the next big blockbuster but don’t even know how to find a topic for it. Well in that case it may require much more than practicing but what you can do is to try and find another way towards writing that first draft.

Say you wanted to go towards baseball, for example, and had the accuracy but not the strength or speed to throw that ball past the batter. You probably know it already don’t you? Don’t hold back now, practice, and do it.

Even when this blog post was written, I still had trouble coming up with ways to explain what I wanted to explain. Good news is that after writing 500 words and counting about, I managed to do it.

Doing what you want to do in life is very important because it will be what you’re destined to do in life itself. It is also something that you were either given or worked towards. Sometimes it’s because it’s something that you’re interested in but you just have got to do it, once and for all!

Not only that but even when you start to lose inspiration, motivation, and determination, what gets started must get done because if that creation as I would call it doesn’t get done, who knows if it will ever get done. Based on many experiences with me writing books for example, I’m in the stage where things didn’t get done.

I also remembered that one phrase that EVERYONE should have in mind: DON’T GIVE UP. Because once you give up and start making no progress, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep going, just like with a blog for instance. Even if you are making an album or writing that next bestseller novel, you’ll have to do it in order to get done with it and to also keep going with what you want in life.

So, the moral is pretty obvious in this post, which is do it and don’t hold back now. It takes forever to get through a process, especially with this post right here, but hey! It’s basically almost done at this point.

If I were to give one word to everyone and one word only, it would be something like, I don’t know, TRY. That’s the least you and everyone else can do in life. Just keep trying and eventually those words “do it” will always remind you of how much something GRAND will happen in the future.

Also remember that you’re not alone on this one because EVERYONE goes through this kind of phase in life for the most part. Does it mean that it will last forever though? No, it will go away eventually!

Keep your head up and good things WILL follow! We are human and us humans will ALWAYS ACHIEVE something someday.

Article Credits: Kalin W.

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

2 thoughts on “Do It… Do It! Don’t Hold Back Now! (3 Min Read)”

  1. Great advice-practice is essential. Especially practice where you can learn something -critique yourself. That is how you get better. Having been shy as a child, I like to practice first in a situation where there is little risk, then move up from there. I admit this does not work if you have an opportunity to get something you really want, then go ahead!



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