Ways to Defeat Your Inner Critic (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Julie Elliott

Founder & Owner of: Ohm Terra

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Health & Fitness Writer

Downsize your doubts – deep breaths and realize them for what they are

Stop trying to make everyone else happy.

Kill your inner Critic – reflect but don’t criticize. Make lists of Times you showed compassion for someone, your positive attributes and skills, and times you coped with difficult situations. Think about things from lists when you begin to criticize yourself.

Meditate with self-compassion – I am filled with loving kindness. I am well, peaceful and at ease. I am happy and free of suffering.

Celebrate Success – Change jealousy for others into genuine happiness for their success.

Move your body daily – increases blood flow to the brain.

Nurture passion and strengths – when absorbed in something you can easily release doubts.

Accept and love your shadow – Accept all aspects of yourself. Be grateful for limitations and challenges.

Embrace your authentic voice.

The action of confidence comes first; the feeling of confidence comes after – Book the Confidence Gap = you don’t have to wait for confidence to do something.

You can always get better. Mindset – Book. Fix mindset – failure is avoided at all costs. Growth mindset developed through effort and practice; challenges help you grow and learn.

Let the dancer become the dance – Make a decision to lose yourself completely in your work.

Choose an emotional state of success – remember past successes to push away the doubt.

Empower yourself with visualization – visualize success to replace negative with positive.

Use past memories about the failure to challenge your doubts. i.e. creative. You say you are not so you don’t have to try.

Edit your self-talk – be more confident and positive in your own head.

Train your body to manipulate your mind – Posture.

Cultivate a positive opinion of yourself – value this over the opinions other others.

Use external stimuli to leverage your way to confidence – holding memento’s of past success sends positive messages to your brain.

Identify and ease your doubts – I can’t do this yet, but I’m working on it. What if I fail? I’ll try again.

Stop comparing accomplishments – everyone is on their own journey – what works for me?

Forget about what everyone else thinks of you.

Just make a decision and then correct your course along the way.

Write yourself a letter – everything will be ok. List recent accomplishments to prove.

Listen or read positive material daily.

Gratitude journal daily.

Identify biggest fans and nurture those relationships.

Go to mantras for support – You are loved. You are good enough.

Article Credits: Julia Elliot

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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