Rewind or Fast Forward (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Franci Hoffman

Founder & Owner of: Amanpan

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living Writer

I am enjoying the outside, while sitting on the back porch. My favorite shade tree is laden with huge lime green leaves which illuminates the tree with a haloing effect. This glow is so significant of summer; everything is bright and sunny.  The landscapers are mowing the grass, which I love the smell of fresh mowed grass. Somehow, I feel in touch with nature and recall how I longed for summer to be near, and now it’s here.

I am enjoying my cinnamon flavored coffee while pondering a quote provided by another WordPress blogger, as an inspiration to write. I enjoy this weekly challenge, and the intent to inspire works well for me. I have been faithful to the challenge for over a year and this is an accomplishment for me!

The quote, by Mark Twain, brings back memories of twenty or so years ago.  Of course there were things I could have accomplished but unfortunately, not all of those things materialized. Yet, what I have accomplished in life, I can’t say I am disappointed.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed

by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.”

Mark Twain

You know there is still time for any of us to do some of these so called undone things, however, don’t our priorities change with time? Some of those things that I wanted to accomplish twenty years ago don’t matter now. And the same is applicable for some of the things that I completed. So be it, and for the most part, no regrets.

Even though, I believe as we get older and our time on earth gets shorter, we feel the need to accomplish and be accomplished. We want to be able to reflect back and say our life was fulfilling, which is a good thing. So, my advice to myself is to do those things now because there may not be a – twenty years from now.

What about you? Maybe twenty years from now is too much of a reach but what about five or ten years from now? Be sure to make the time you are on earth yours.

Here are the lyrics to a song written in 1969 by Zager and Evans, which are thought-provoking if you think about the intent.

“The futuristic song (written in 1964) was a perfect fit for the 60’s generation, not sure about the present and much less about the future.” 

Can the statement above apply now? Are the lyrics still mind-boggling in the present day? I’ll let you be the judge.

In the year 2525
If man is still alive

If woman can survive they may find
In the year 3535
Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth tell no lies

Everything you think do and say is in the pill you took today
In the year 4545
You ain’t gonna need your teeth won’t need your eyes

You won’t find a thing to chew, nobody’s gonna look at you
In the year 5555
Your arms are hangin’ limp at you side

Your legs got nothin’ to do, some machines doin’ that for you
In the year 6565
Ain’t gonna need no husband won’t need no wife

You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
From the bottom of a long glass tube
In the year 7015
If God’s a-coming he oughta make it by then

Maybe he’ll look around himself and say
Guess it’s time for the judgment day
In the year 8015
God is gonna shake his mighty head

He’ll either say, I’m pleased where man has been
Or tear it down and start again
In the year 9595
I’m kind a wond’rin’ if man is gonna be alive

He’s taken everything this old earth can give
And he ain’t put back nothin’
Now it’s been ten thousand years, man has cried a billion tears
For what he never knew, now man’s reign is through

But through eternal night the twinkling of starlight
So very far away, maybe it’s only yesterday
In the year 2525
If man is still alive
In the year 2525

Lyric Credits: MetroLyrics


Article Credits: Franci Eugenia Hoffman

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

(For Writing, Inspirational, Travel Bloggers & More)

19 thoughts on “Rewind or Fast Forward (3 min read)”

  1. My older brother had the 45rpm single of “in the year 2525” when we were growing up. It always stuck in my head, and now to read the lyrics again I’m amazed by how prophetic it is becoming. Thanks for the article.

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