Seasons of Love – The Evolution of Love (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Joanne Sarginson

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For such a small word, love has provided humans with many questions. What is love? Where does it come from? We are not born with romantic desire. It develops in these stages:

Stage 1 – Babyhood

As a baby, your world revolves around three things: eating, sleeping and excreting unpleasant substances. You are essentially a human production line. Stuff goes in and stuff comes out. Simples. You have few strong emotions and the only thing you feel is a primal instinct to screech at the top of your lungs when you experience any sort of bodily discomfort. Your only love is the bottle that feeds you. It is a straightforward life, easy and carefree. But it will not last.

Stage 2 – Childhood

You have now exchanged the nappies for a set of underwear and are aware of the existence of love. One of your friends may share their chocolate bar with you and you might decide that you like them slightly more than your other classmates. You might kiss each other as a dare. You may even get married and exchange Haribo rings in the playground. However, although you are aware of the verbal lingo and visual displays that surround love, you are yet to feel its effects on a visceral level. As a result, your romantic commitments tend to be short-lived. If you get married in your lunch hour, it is likely that you will be divorced by home time.

Stage 3 – Early Teen

Hormones have flooded your body, springing sudden physical and mental changes. For the first time ever, you find yourself noticing and looking at other people who you find physically attractive. Except maybe you’re looking for too much. Every wayward glance in your direction fills you with excitement. He or she looked at me! It must be love! Unfortunately, every gaze that lands on you cannot be interoperated as passionate desire. Your pet may look at you when you provide them with food. This does not mean that they fancy you.

Stage 4 – Late Teen/ Early Adulthood

So you’ve learnt to control your emotions, to an extent, and that first rush of hormonal excitement has died down slightly. You just want to meet a nice guy or girl with whom you can have an open, honest relationship and make sweet love. However, Cupid seems to be having some problems with his aim and you are rapidly losing patience with him. But you must not blame him. He is, after all, barely more than a foetus. Can you really expect him to pick up a bow and arrow and shoot in the correct direction?

Stage 5 – Adulthood

Middle age is rushing up on you like an unstoppable torrent and the prospect of your hair being flecked with grey is dissatisfying at the least. You may have settled down and have found yourself laden with children who you adored as cute babies but are now at that annoying toddler stage where every household item looks like a viable object to chew on. Love has now become more of a mutual understanding as you try to find time for it around work and family life.

Stage 6 – Old Age

The children have left home and it is only you and your lovely left in the house. With each passing day, you feel your facial skin sag further into itself and your joints begin to develop increased friction, scraping against each other like rusty hinges. You are beginning to feel as if you are a rundown clockwork toy and you are not amused by the fact that you have to use an electrical chair to traverse the obstacle course that is the stairs. Your only comfort is that your other half, as it were, is looking just a decrepit as you. If you’re lucky, your love will have lasted for many years. Now it’s time to enjoy your retirement together.

Article Credits: Joanne Sarginson

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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10 thoughts on “Seasons of Love – The Evolution of Love (2 min read)”

  1. Babyhood, childhood, and Ealry teen are just as you described, but the other stages seem Not good for me at all. consider to live my 20s and then die Lol!



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