Some Secrets to Healthy Living: The Five Areas (3 Min Read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kalin W.

Founder & Owner of: KDS

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author and Writing Writer

Have you ever wanted to live a healthy lifestyle but didn’t know where to begin? Life can be explained in many different ways. One way is thinking of it as if it were five areas that made up life itself. Want to know what the five areas are? Here are some ways for each area on how to keep a healthy lifestyle going.

PHYSICAL: One of the most important areas in life. We are always moving even if we were to read this article. Physical is what keeps us active and keeps us strong. Some ways to improve the physical area of your lifestyle is to exercise, eat better and healthier, and even to do anything that involves going beyond the limits such as lifting something heavy, running half a marathon (IF you’re up for it), or just trying some new form of exercise you’ve never thought of or never wanted to try. All it takes to improve the physical area of your lifestyle is motivation, determination, focus, and inspiration. This can apply for all the other four areas of life.

MENTAL: Another important area of life. This is where the smarts and high IQ’s come into play. This is actually the easiest area to improve in since all it takes is your mind to be sharp. Journaling, writing, learning, and also thinking helps, even if someone were to be improving on how much math they knew. It can all add up to something that you may never thought possible, as if another higher dimension has been discovered thanks to you.

SOCIAL: The area of life where all interactions of others take place at. This is the area all of us are commonly used to. To increase the social area is very easy yet very tricky. It just takes confidence in order to say hi to someone new for instance or speak publicly in a classroom, perhaps a huge crowd! We are always making an impact on people no matter what, even from the posts we’ve been writing on this site. Whatever we say or do with others will impact what the outcome will be for the future from your friends for instance. Another great way to increase the social area of your lifestyle happens to be blogging. Since social media is a top hot spot today, blogging will definitely be an easy way to put yourself out there. You don’t even need to meet real people in order to have an audience thanks to blogging. But keep in mind though that it’s still very important to interact with others in person as that can be more meaningful for not only you but for others too!

EMOTIONAL: This is how we feel whenever something happy, sad, frustrating, or stressful happens to impact us in life. The easiest way to keep this area nice and bright is to keep staying positive. It happens to make positive things come your way that can get very hard to explain on how it comes to you. When you’re negative though, negative things will happen most likely so keep that frown upside down! All it takes is a smile to make other’s happy as well. Wait! See the connection here? All five areas of life are related. No matter what area you’re trying to improve in, it always gets related to your other areas as well. But what about the last one not mentioned yet? Spiritual.

SPIRITUAL: This happens to be the most important area in life because no matter where we go, no matter what our actions are, and no matter who we are, spiritual is where the most powerful concepts happen. It is also the most complex and the most scientific along with the most difficult depending on what someone believes in for example. How to improve this area though? It’s simple yet can be tricky. Try meditating or even get to know what could be out there spiritually. It can really bring something to you and perhaps you can learn something from this area! It all relates to all the other areas of life. If you can improve the spiritual area, then you can definitely improve in all the other areas of life!

Isn’t it weird that they’re all related? That’s what life is all about, which is basically finding out why you’re here in life and to figure out who you are! If you ever want to improve your lifestyle, remember all of these areas and why they relate. With that in mind, you might be able to make an impact on many someday if done right.

And even when this article was written, it only took the ability to try, conquer, achieve, and repeat.


Article Credits: Kalin W.

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author

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