The 7 Types Of Fangirls (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hira N.

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The following are 7 types of fangirls, if you’re a fangirl like me then know that you’re awesome and without you the world just wouldn’t be complete. So please read this with a clear mind and I don’t mean to offend anyone, I made this list because I’m a crazy fangirl too, so to all the fangirls reading, you truly are the craziest and most special person ever.

1)The Over-reactors

These fangirls will start to scream or even cry if they see a picture of their favourite celebrity, they will be so over excited of a new album from their favourite artist/band that they will actually freak the people around them out, some may even consider calling the ambulance or police (yup they really are unique).

2) The Know-It-All

This fangirl is also known as the Stalker or the Obsseser. This person will know every little detail about their celebrity crush. They literally know EVERYTHING about this person, from date of birth to favourite dessert and restaurant. This person has watched every video ever released and knows about every tweet, post etc from their favourite celebrity. (Creepy but kinda cool)

3) The Collector

Now this is the fangirl who will have every piece of merch ever released by their favourite celebs. These are the type of fangirls that will spend so much time saving money to buy new merchandise. Some of these fans will create their own merch by painting items off clothing and other diy stuff found on the internet.

4) The Lonely One

This fangirl will be a part of a fandom or have a favorite celebrity. But her friends won’t necessarily know that celebrity or be a part of that fandom. This causes the fangirl to spam her friends with gifs and videos and photos of that celebrity. They will want to do anything to have their friends in the same fandom as them.(probably me 😮)

5) The Late Night Sleeper

Now this fangirl is the kind who stays up all night watching videos and photos or even edits of their celeb crush. They are so invested in this that they lose track of time and end up sleeping at 3:00 in the morning. (Me every night)

6) The Shippers

These fangirls will ship EVERYONE. They will even go to the lengths of shipping two characters who aren’t even in the same show. Yup that’s right they will ship two people who never met and have no idea of the others existence, but ya know what screw that let’s ship em anyway😩

7) The Overprotective Ones

These are the fangirls who will take the slightest bit of negativity VERY seriously. These fangirls won’t care who it is talking to them, they will just it upon themselves to shorten that persons lifespan. These fangirls will not take any crap said against their “babies” they will simply just eliminate the haters from existence. (Yeah you better be scared)

Article Credits: Hira N.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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