The Secrets of Life… Let Me Slide Some Wisdom in Your Brain (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: M. Davis

Founder & Owner of: Clear Dope

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

So, what do I want to talk about? Hmm..
There’s this saying,

“You get back what you give.”

It’s true, but what’s even more true is that you get back more than you give. Sounds good, but it’s not that simple. I wish it was.. Well I don’t. Actually it’s the best how it is. It’s really great and awesome if we give, so that is important, to give.

What’s even more important is how you give. You get back if you share, because you want to, not because you want something back.

There’s this other saying, wich is true..

“You can have anything you are willing to give up”

Many of us are too attached to the outcome, that’s why it doesn’t work.
Don’t get me wrong.. You have to have a strong desire to achieve something in life, but don’t get attached to that goal, do not identify with it. You have to be able to go between both states.

In one moment you work hard, you dominate your lane. You have a deep desire wich fuels you to greatness. Once you’re done, be able to feel for a second like you don’t even care. Be able to feel like you can let it go at any moment. Just feel it, that’s it. Don’t actually let it go. Feel it, just for a second and then go dominate some more. If you are able to go like this all the time, then you are a total Boss, you’re wining.


It doesn’t matter what you achieve, what matters is how you do it. Everything is about how. How you do stuff, how you treat others, how you live.


Why you want what you want? If there’s some goal you want to achieve, dig deep and know your why. Why you do what you do? Why you are this type of person?

Go deep my friends, take care. 😉

Article Credits: M. Davis

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Inspirational, Beauty, Writing Bloggers & More)

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