Top 10 Successes Based on Common Excuses (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Abhinav Bhalla

Founder & Owner of: Flip Tomorrow

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

Many People; when fail at certain aspect of life, made many excuses.

The most common reason behind this is; not showing much interest or not even trying to achieve things at the desired level and in the end, excuse is the easiest way for them to back out.

When others ask them why they don’t try?

Then; instead of building that exceptional inner power, which is the real factor for achievements (and which those people must be lacking of) they made excuses in the form of stories.

Besides this; there are examples of many people around the world, who went through same situations or faced many problems or failed many times and we all knows that, instead of making false stories or excuses, they still achieved grand success and became a success icon for today’s people.

Now, my friends; there is lot more we can grab and learn when we compare failures and achievements of these succeeded people and that’s the reason, why I am writing this Article?

Overall; this comparison list of Excuses and Successes, delivers true Motivation, Inspiration and Learning Experience to that person, who is planning to get away by using Excuses or willing to achieve success from long time.

Here we go with our top 10 successes based on common excuses;

  1. First Common Excuse: I haven’t got the chance of higher education. So, I am not capable to achieve anything.

Success based on this excuse: The founder of ford motors Mr. Henry ford never got the chance of higher education and still he had shown his capability to this world by building an industry which today have net worth of $199 billion.

  1. Second Common Excuse: I have already failed many times. That’s why; I don’t have much strength left to win.

Success based on this excuse: Abraham Lincoln failed to win elections 15 times before he became the 16th president of United States.  

  1. Third Common Excuse: I am poor and don’t have resources to achieve anything?

Success based on this excuse: During childhood, former Indian president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was very poor and lives in a small village with no resources. Later on, he still showed his potential to the world by becoming 11th Indian president.

  1. Fourth common Excuse: I have many diseases. Then, how will I compete with others?

Success based on this excuse: Oscar winner Marlee Matlin is deaf. Besides this; her grand achievement shows that nothing in this world can stop you from achieving your desires.

  1. Fifth common Excuse: Everyone around me says that, I am not intelligent and success is not for me.

Success based on this excuse: Thomas Elva Edison was termed unintelligent by peoples around him, during childhood. Instead of losing hope and confidence, he continued to do hard work which resulted in heaps of innovations and turned him one of the most intelligent persons in the history.

  1. Sixth common Excuse: My Company has already bankrupted. Now, who will show trust in me.

Success based on this excuse: Pepsi cola was bankrupted twice before its drinks became big hit.

  1. Seventh Common Excuse: I had already my nerves breakdown twice and success achievement is impossible for me, now.

Success based on this excuse: Before building Disney Land, Walt Disney had his nerves breakdown thrice and this all never stopped him from building his land of dreams. That’s why; Disney Land is first and original Disney theme park in today’s world.

  1. Eighth Common Excuse: I am very old and I don’t have much stamina left in me to achieve success.

Success based on this excuse: World famous Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) owner had opened his first restaurant at the age of 60. He showed the world that for achieving success, age and time doesn’t matter.

  1. Ninth Common Excuse: I have an exceptional Idea, but everyone says it’s useless and waste of time.

Success based on this excuse: Xerox corporation founder’s idea was denied or termed useless by many companies but today, result is in front of us.

  1. Tenth Common Excuse: I was badly sick during my childhood. Now, I don’t have much energy inside.

Success based on this excuse: Virgin Airlines founder was badly sick during childhood. But, that condition made him stronger to achieve more and more and that’s why, he is a famous successful personality for today’s people.

Always Remember;

  • “The only thing, resist you from success is the production of that story in your mind, which you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
  • “Excuses keep you far away from taking ownership and control over your own life.”
  • “Success is not obtained in one day. It is a step by step process; the day you start excusing, you lose your chance of achieving success.”
  • “Excuse is that lie which derails you from your targets and keeps them away.”
  • “Excuses are those explanations which show your weaknesses and also termed as the act of cowardice for not following your commitments.”
  • “It is only because of excuses that people missed out their best goals in life because they were too busy in restructuring the last one.”

In last; the moral from above stories: today where you are and tomorrow where you will be; only you are or will be responsible for that. Instead of blaming situations or hiding yourself behind excuses; don’t wait, decide today, what you want, Success or Excuses?

Article Credits: Abhinav Bhalla

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

(For Inspiration, Motivation, Entrepreneur Bloggers & More)

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Successes Based on Common Excuses (3 min read)”

  1. This article made my day. Worth reading. We, indeed, always find excuses when job not done or may be want to be into the well afraid of outside or fear of taking risks.

    The whole article indeed good but i liked this most -“Excuse is that lie which derails you from your targets and keeps them away.”



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