Why is Music Important? (2 min read)

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Music. Everyone loves it. But why? Is it magic? Maybe cause it sounds good? I’m not sure. But scientific study proves that the brain and body react very differently when it comes to music. Did you know that you’re heartbeat beats to the rhythm of the music your listening to? That mean that coordination is very strong when it comes to music. So why is music important and something fun?

Firstly, music creates a very unique reaction in the brain. When, you listen to music both your brains are at work. The left or the logical side is working to decode the beats and create patterns with the rhythm. Meanwhile, the right side or artistic part is working hard to listen to the melodies and pitches and conclude whether you like it or not. Together both function harmoniously and the brain is balanced.

Music speeds you up. Have you ever noticed that your faster with music? When, I paint, I’m much faster when I listen to music and work at its rhythm. Same with sports. When your running, you tend to run faster with an upbeat song. That’s why most exercise playlists have remixes or EDM music. An upbeat song stimulates the heart to beat faster allowing more blood circulation. Circulation gives the body energy and the body has more energy and works faster. Not only does music keep the body healthy, but we can finish what we’re working on faster, giving us more time for other stuff.

It keeps the brain functioning. Music controls our mood. When your sad you listen to a sad song, when your happy you listen to an upbeat song and smile. The lyrics don’t really make sense to us, but slowly our brain comprehends them and we can sing. It keeps you wondering how the song sounds, how the artist came up with lyrics and what part you like the best. By keeping you awake, it makes you smarter. Music is a way to express oneself. Listening to it, teaches us to express ourselves.

Memory. I recently read about a book about a girl who remembers everything. She said that she loved music the most because everyone remembers it. I think that’s really true. Most of us struggle to remember phone numbers or facts but we can’t forget a song. If somebody tests me on the songs I heard 5 years ago and the test I studied for 2 days ago, I’ll ace the test on the songs. That’s one good thing about music, we just can’t forget it.
Math. I know this is crazy. Like how is math related to music? Well both are actually similar. Music requires beats and math needs numbers. Music has a sequence of notes and math has a sequence of numbers. Mathe has several numbers that can be matched with formulas. Music has notes that can be matched with chords and rhythms. So they are pretty close. How does this help us? Well, a person who studies music, can easily solve a jumbled puzzle and put it back together easily within seconds. We can find patterns in charts and make conclusions clearly, creatively and logically. These features improve skills like decision-making.

Coordination and fine motor skills. Coordination not only improves in the brain but in our body too. When we dance to music, we learn to coordinate our feet to move to the beat. When you play the piano, you can coordinate your left and right to play separate beats or notes simultaneously. Fine motor skills automatically improve as you practice. Personally, my fine motor skills were horrible till I started playing the piano. They improved and so did my drawings because I had better control over my hand.
Music gives you company. As a loner, I feel pretty lonely sometimes. So, to lighten the mood I normally carry music wherever I go. It’s like a chilled out friend who can go wherever and whenever you want to go. It’s always there. Always changing. Always awesome.

Music does so many more awesome things but I think there are too many talk about. Listening to Lost boy by Ruth B. while I wrote this post. What do you love about music? What are you listening to now?


Article Credits: T.D.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor



16 thoughts on “Why is Music Important? (2 min read)”

  1. How true this is! I’ve played piano for 13 years now, and I remember when I first started out, my teacher would have me play songs I didn’t want to play. She would focus on Beethoven, Mozart, and other similar musicians. Because it wasn’t the music I was interested in investing myself in, I never knew what it felt like to enjoy music. This went on for about five years or so.

    It was after I quit lessons with this teacher, that I realized how enjoyable music could be and the euphoria in people enjoying the music I play for THEM. It was also then I realized music is more than just mastering fancy, classical pieces. It’s making others happy and adding to the vibe, contributing to the atmosphere and filling the room- which is why I was never happy just memorizing music so my teacher could impress her colleagues.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I totally agree with all the points you made. Well said 🙂


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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been in the same situation as you. I’ve started and stopped playing the piano so many times! But then, one day I started it again with a new teacher. My old teacher scolded me for not cutting my nails and he had this strict practice that only involved scales and stuff. I never really enjoyed playing. With my new teacher, I started learning differently. I taught myself to read music but he taught me some new stuff. Then I saw this video on how music affects us. So, I not only felt good playing the piano because it was fun but also with all the wonderful ways it helps my body. Now, finally, I’ve really improved and started playing without breaks. I love to share stuff like this! That’s one of my goals. To answer my own questions and yours. Anything else you’d like me to post? Let me know. I’ll try my best.

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      1. Oh my goodness, my old teacher did the same. If I didn’t trim my nails constantly (there were days I wanted to just grow them and paint them), I was scolded heavily. We would spend hours on scales, chords, arpeggios and other warm ups. It’s great to see that you understand how much of an impact music has, and I’m definitely looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

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      2. Its so great to have someone who I can relate to! I know how you feel and thank you so much for checking out my post and commenting. Look forward to reading your blog too! Thank you!

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