Why Should You Aim for Financial Freedom? (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Alexis Esguerra

Founder & Owner of: Business and Beyond

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Business Writer

Have you read, watched or heard of the word financial freedom? If you do, then I assume you have watched one or a couple of videos used by multi-level marketing firms or organizations or have been following a business site in facebook or twitter that gives advices and guidance in handling finances.

Simply defined, financial freedom is being free from the burden and the stress that paying dues and expenses have brought up in our lives. Every single one of us should aim to become financially free because it relieves us of the burden and struggle to earn more just to continue living in our chosen way of life.

If you think that only rich people can be financially free, you are thinking of it the wrong way. There are some rich people who tend to acquire a lot of properties and ended up broke for they have not planned for the future. They thought that a beautiful house and a number of cars make them rich not knowing that those things come with a burden. The burden of debt.

Debt is not a bad thing, but the inability to manage debts and the necessities like food and clothing might put someone on a great burden. Many have availed of more debts than they can handle that made their lives financially miserable. Which is why everyone should learn how to become financially free. It takes a lot planning, strategizing and practice to be financially free but once you have that luxury, you can sleep well, live well and let the day pass by without worrying about tomorrow.

The simple steps to become financially free is to (1) know your monthly expenses, (2) know your monthly earnings and (3) minimize expenses and maximize earnings. though it can’t easily be done, there are some guides throughout the day that you can try.

Article Credits: Alexis Esguerra

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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12 thoughts on “Why Should You Aim for Financial Freedom? (1 min read)”

  1. There is always a way to make it, the most common thing that happens is “you live by what you earn” let’s say you earn 2000 euro a month then you’re gonna live to that amount, if you earn 1000 euro then you’re gonna live by that amount. Unless your bank account says no but your mind says yes to bying things then you’ll end up in debts. You have to be carefull and set your priorities on what you need or don’t need. I haven’t bought new clothes in like 6 months, I can buy them and I would love to but I need to put money aside and food and such is preeeetty important hihi. I used to buy lunch every day for like 6 euro a day but I can’t anymore. So now I buy 2 whole breads for 4 euro total and 2 packs of cheese thats 5 euro total and this will last me a whole week for lunch at work so I save 30 euro a week with this already and you can do this with so much more things, you don’t actually need a lot to live happily but it’s an extra if you can 🙂 Of course always work hard for the things you want and eventually you’ll get there.

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