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I am Kaaya and I call myself an outcast, because I refuse to be a part of a social group. I am an individual and I will always be my own person. You can call me a self-proclaimed outcast. No, I am not a hermit nor am I living in complete solitude, I would even call myself quite social. Travelling, 'Modelling' Self-Love and Fashion are my biggest passions and I will write about these subjects the most. Modelling is between '' because I am nowhere near a professional model and I am not planning to be one. I just enjoy creating a character. Some facts.... I am 19 years old. I live in Amsterdam. I study law. I am tall and clumsy. I thank you for being on my page and I hope that I have a positive impact in your life!

How I Never Gave Bullies a Chance to Bully Me (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hannah K.

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This is an important message to everybody who’s getting bullied. or everybody who’s bullying another person. Or someone who wants to read this.

On my old high school you was either a bully, getting bullied or a nobody. Bullying was an indication that said that you’re a funny person. Continue reading How I Never Gave Bullies a Chance to Bully Me (2 min read)