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My life is a series of adventures. I can be heading in one direction and suddenly feel pulled into another. From the moment of my birth (when I was born in the state of New Hampshire but never lived there) to college (when I doubled my course load after losing one semester due to an illness) to now (when I decide to to change careers), I've learned never to get too comfortable where I am. With every year comes new challenges to face and new places to see. And I will face these challenges with confidence in the God who guides me.

Age and Distance (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Heather Rogers

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There are some places where you see evidence of the incredible beauty of God’s creation everywhere. Westmore, Vermont is one of those places. A small town with a population of around 300, Westmore is part of three Vermont counties known as the Northeast Kingdom. This is the name that former governor George Aiken gave to the three counties of the northeast corner of Vermont. In a 1949 speech, he said, “You know, this is such beautiful country up here. It ought to be called the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.” The name stuck. Continue reading Age and Distance (1 min read)