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Shut Up and Drive (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Liam Thompson

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If a close ‘friend’ told you that you were never going to make it in your profession, be great at your hobby or do well in life would you actually believe them?

I guess the obvious answer to all of the above is, well maybe. But when this number starts to grow and things look tough it can be hard to be positive, go against the grain and take on your own personal challenges. That’s why remaining positive, determined and having that drive are sometimes harder to find, I’ll admit personally the whole idea of this gives me anxiety but for some miraculous reason I just have this driving force to keep me moving forward.

Firstly when tasked with attempting to take on this blue, unmotivated feeling you’re likely to get comments such as ‘just smile’ or ‘you shouldn’t think like that’, feeling motivated yet? Probably not. But if you begin to picture the end goal and the feeling of this moment then things start to feel a tad more achievable, so say I wanted to get an A in my next test the initial thought of this may be quite daunting and demotivating in itself. However look at it this way, first of all, ask yourself ‘is this goal remotely achievable?’ No? OK so I aim for B this is definitely more within my reach and I’m only averaging a C.

Next, once you have created this realistic personal goal you may want to assess the time frame, in this example, it would be the test date. So from this, I can take the time to mentally or physically plan ahead and meet the self-created or set deadline. Not pushing on yourself, but then not completely ignoring the fact that THERE IS A DEADLINE! To put it simply put say a few hours aside each weekend before the exam to properly study and remove social media, your phone and any other distractions from the scenario. It may be helpful to beforehand plan how you may use the time you have so say this week I’m going to focus on topic A because this is the one that I most struggle with.

Finally the last thing to do would be refresh and remind yourself during the week for example if you picked up the studying you had done or the work you had completed and just went over it for say ten minutes just to ensure that it was stuck right there in your mind and that your brain hadn’t forgotten about all the ‘supposed’ hard work you had done. Allowing for that thought to be mentally instilled in your mind, almost forcing your brain to store the idea, plan or studying at the forefront of your mind.

In summary, the situation and positivity you feel are relative to how much time, and overall effort you want to possess to be at the desired end point.

Key points (if you don’t have the time to read!)

  • Positivity = the key
  • Picture and feel the end goal
  • Refresh and remind
  • Have fun whilst doing it 🙂

Article Credits: Liam Thompson

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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