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Aui is a nurse by profession but has long decided to be a full time mom and writer. Losing her son to drunk driving led her to finish her book, The Booze Stole My Son, Don't let it steal yours. When she is not writing, Aui works on a real-estate firm, and spends time with her loving husband and children. She also works with her daughter Rose on her malunggay (moringa) tea business with the hope of creating healthy drinks for everyone.

The Elephants We’re Afraid to Know



“Don’t sleep and Etron will come in and get you all” that’s how Mom used to scared us when she would like us to have our afternoon nap.  Etron was a bum on the street. He lives in the neighborhood with small nipa house alone. I heard he was a little crazy and nobody knows his relatives and where he came from. That was the only impression I have of him. Continue reading The Elephants We’re Afraid to Know