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Is there a login button for the Millionaire’s Digest?

No. At least, not yet there isn’t.


How do I submit my posts/articles?

If you run your own blog/website, it’s the same way in which you would submit your articles to be published on your website. The only difference is that you would just have to be under our website’s name to do it. To switch over to our website, visit your dashboard, and you will see a “Switch Site” button. (If you’re using a computer or laptop, you will find this in the upper left corner.) Once you find it, click on it and it will give you a list of the blogs/websites in which you have access to. Scroll down and click on the one that says, “Millionaire’s Digest,” and it will take you directly to our dashboard. After you are on our dashboard, you will be given the same buttons/features that you would use to add/publish posts to your blog/website. The only difference is that you’re just under our website’s name, so when you go to publish/submit your posts, instead of it being directly published to your blog/website, it will be submitted to ours.


Why can’t I directly post my articles on the Millionaire’s Digest after I write them?

For writers who are new on our Millionaire’s Digest team, you won’t be able to directly post your articles after you get done writing them on the Millionaire’s Digest. This is due to some incidents we’ve had in the past, and since we have writers who don’t like to follow our Terms of Service upon signing up, we place this restriction on everyone who is new on our Millionaire’s Digest Team. However, once we get to know you and see that you understand the boundaries, we will give you the right to publish your articles on the Millionaire’s Digest without having one of our Editors on our Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team do it for you.


Is there a limit on the number of articles I can write?

No. Never will be either!


If I’m on the Millionaire’s Digest team, do I have to contribute a certain amount each day, week, month, or year?

No. One of the benefits of writing for the Millionaire’s Digest is that we don’t require our writers to contribute or write a certain number of articles each day, week, month, or year. Unlike other websites, we understand that a lot of you can get busy running your own blog/website, so we just open it up for you guys to write/submit your articles whenever you have the time to do so!


How long does it take for my article(s) to get published on the Millionaire’s Digest?

Due to the increasingly amount of readers and writers, and the high demand to write for the Millionaire’s Digest, from the time in which you submit your article to the time in which your article gets published, it takes at minimum 5+ weeks. Also, please keep in mind that because our website just keeps growing more and more each day, the time in which your articles get published only pushes it farther back which makes it longer to wait.


If I sign up to write articles for the Millionaire’s Digest, will I still reserve the right to own them?

Absolutely! Unlike other media publishing companies, the Millionaire’s Digest does not take away the rights of our users who write and submit content. Our job is just to publish it and get it out in front of our large audience for our readers to see!


Can I write about product reviews, book reviews, or reviews for anything else?

Writing about any products or services, or mentioning any brand names in your articles is prohibited on the Millionaire’s Digest. The only exception to this is if you’re writing about beauty products or book reviews, in which in these two cases, we allow it. But other than that, writing about any other products or services is not allowed.


Can I take articles/posts I’ve already written on my website and submit them to be published on the Millionaire’s Digest?

Absolutely! Just as long as they follow our Terms of Service.


Can I post my articles that I’ve written for the Millionaire’s Digest on my blog/website too?

Sure can! We don’t control what you can and can’t post on your blog/website. We just control what can and can’t be published on ours!


Can I guest write for the Millionaire’s Digest?

No. Here at the Millionaire’s Digest, we don’t currently accept guest writers/guest submissions. (At least, not yet we don’t.) Sorry!

For those of you who still have questions or did not find what you were looking for, just shoot us an email by visiting our Contact Us page, and we’ll kindly do our best to help get your question(s) answered for you!

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