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When We Made the Wrong Choices (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Aui V.

Founder & Owner of: Aui’s Den

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Editor and Author of The Booze Stole My Son: Don’t Let It Steal Yours


I’m sure many Filipinos are having a second thought today whether they made the right choice voting for Duterte. I can only sympathize with them. But on the other hand, I realized every choice we made whether good or bad always brings with it a blessing God may use to show His love for us. Continue reading When We Made the Wrong Choices (1 min read)

Tokhang on Our Doorstep

Putang ina! Putang ina talaga!!!I am so sorry for the inappropriateness, brothers, and sisters. But those were the words I repeatedly utter after finding out that Kim was shot dead after picking up two of his friends  detained in the  police station. Continue reading Tokhang on Our Doorstep