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41 thoughts on “Written Reviews & Feedback”

  1. Greetings,

    This is Kalin, the founder of KDS. I want to say that this website was known to be the first ever TRUE INTERACTIVE site. What I mean by the word “interactive” is that people can actually join this website and post whatever they want, whenever they want (Of course keeping articles to yours and everyones liking!).

    To be honest, I thought that this idea of creating something for people to share what they’re passionate about is probably one of the BEST ideas I’ve ever seen someone come up with in my life. Every time I think about this website, I always ask myself on how someone managed to come up with something that is so new, so legendary, and even so…different? And when I mean different, I mean it in a good way!

    I found this section of the website after looking for the “contact us” page and I thought to myself, “Heck. Why don’t I review this site?” So now here I am typing this up while talking to someone on FaceBook. Wow my friend really messages me quickly! Off topic now! You really deserve a FIVE STAR review for all the effort you put in, this one that was written in particular!

    But anyways, I wish you the BEST OF LUCK for continuing to pursue this website as it WILL become something BIG someday. Not only that but what I would recommend is this: Have you ever considered starting a YouTube Channel? THAT right there may give you much more exposure. Of course more exposure comes greater responsibilities, that’s for sure! Hope you can figure out a way to manage that IF you decide to do a YouTube Channel.

    Thanks for reading my review of this website and I even want to say for how sorry I was for you to hear about how someone was claiming articles already written under their name. At least you got the case resolved, which is a relief. Stuff WILL happen but it also depends how we as humans can handle it!

    I hope to hear from you soon! Keep being an inspiration for others!


    Kalin W.
    Owner of KDS


  2. Reading your blog is starting to become habit forming, and I find that many of the ideas shared in your posts are helpful, inspiring, and relevant. There’s so much negativity on the Internet, that it’s refreshing to see a blog proliferating so much positivity. (How’s THAT for a tongue twister!?)


  3. This website is amazing! There’re so many events, opportunities and tips on this website and I am so thankful! The only problem I have is that it’s too good!
    P.S Seriously, I have a problem: your theme. SO DULL. Maybe you could change it?


  4. The tips from this website can be helpful, but a lot of the time it’s intuitive things that we shouldn’t have to read a post on how to know, such as “to gather more followers, write good content.” Also the posts always come up when I’m trying to search for posts tagged with beauty and they tend to clutter my feed because there’s just so many. And speaking of many, a lot of the posts are repetitive and it puts me off from reading the actual post.

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  5. Hi there! Your site is so helpful! You have great advice that any and every website needs and you have such uplifting messages that help me start my day off on a positive note! Keep up the great work and I’m so proud to be a part of the team!

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