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41 thoughts on “Written Reviews & Feedback”

  1. I did really find your site a lot helpful! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful content here. I deeply appreciate that you have given a platform to all bloggers to get unified here, to know each other! Frankly to speak I have been your follower since a month though I didn’t find any website as good as yours! Keep going, keep writing! Thank you

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  2. In just a few short lines, I was delighted to discover this website. Posts to the point and without useless information. Thank you for sharing with us all these informations. Indeed a great help to us, other bloggers.
    Thank you again.

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  3. I have been reading your website for a long time. I just enjoy reading each and every post as it gives a better understanding of the blogging world and its rules. Your posts have motivated me to venture into the blogging space.

    Thank you and please continue inspiring me.

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  4. This site always offers interesting information and advice! Constantly helpful, and I’ve only been following for a short amount of time. I will be looking forward to all the other posts in the future posted by Millionaires Digest. It inspires me to write.

    Follow my positive lifestyle blog!

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  5. I really love your website. I learn a lot of new things here and are always happy to get new information (mainly about blogging…) Only problem I have with your website is that you post so often I can’t follow you because all the posts on my wordpress feed are quite annoying. I have to visit here when I have time because I’m not following you.


  6. I’ve been reading a lot of the articles on this website today and they’ve been really helpful orienting me to the whole process of blogging, especially since I’ve never been very knowledgeable about “internet” stuff. It also helps that your content is very well organized. Thanks!

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  7. You guys mostly give great advice, which is helpful to tons of bloggers. I only wish that you guys wouldn’t re-post as often, because the same posts show up in my reader again and again, which can be frustrating.


  8. I cannot remember how I stumbled on this page but I have to say I’ve learnt a lot from the posts. I started blogging February 14,2016 and this website has encouraged me to move out of my shell and get more involved with collaborations with fashion bloggers.

    Please feel free to check out my fashion blog http://www.stylebytoyoc.wordpress.com and let me know your honest opinion. You can also check out my Instagram @toyo_c

    I will definitely recommend your blog to my friends who are trying to find how to blog effectively.

    Stylebytoyoc 💋

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  9. I think this is a brilliant website that not only combines such a huge range of subjects but makes them interesting to those that might not have thought otherwise. I also think you do a lot of great work in helping and promoting young and aspiring writers! So thank you!

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  10. I found your website through the WordPress Reader and I am so glad I did! It’s very informative and has a great deal of useful information. Thanks so much for all the insights!

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